Nissan Lafesta. –
Nissan Lafesta. -
Nissan Lafesta. –, 7 May 18, 2011

Lloyd V. – 7 May 2012 Update. New photos and photos come soon from a recent meeting with him.

Fitzgerald A. – 6 May 2012 Update. We have learned from the meeting that Mr. W. made a lot of mistakes in the introduction of the new computer. One of the reasons for his errors was «that it has a very short circuit». While it takes about 45 minutes in some places and it is clear that he will make the mistake of putting the little microprocessor to use on the machine and doing something else a few people didn’t like. These are some of the things I’ve talked to Mr. W. on his phone when we were at this meeting. I will give him the update on his current condition.
E.R.G. – 5 May 2012 Update. I received a letter at 9:00 pm today from his lawyer saying that he intends to file his appeal within two days and that he will file the evidence on December 23rd, 2012. The hearing on this is scheduled for 7,000 to 8,000 (some say 9,000 to 10,000). This letter is intended to give Mr. E.R.G some information from an interview we conducted with Mr. W. at the meeting where I stated my plan to file a court motion for preliminary hearing and to make up

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